About us

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has been commissioned by NHS England to provide lower masculinising gender affirmation surgery. At the Chelsea Centre for Gender Surgery hub we are passionate about helping patients alleviate their gender dysphoria.
We have worked with service specialists and the Transgender community to aim to deliver a high quality, patient centred service, with the aim of fully supporting patients through their surgical journey. Our vision is for an innovative and patient-centred service, based on the principle that patients must have equal access to surgical services, whatever their gender identity, with reasonable adjustments to the delivery of care to match the individual’s needs and circumstances

Our vision:

Holistic patient-centred care

Always acting in the best interest of our patients and recognition of individualised needs

Confident and competent staff

Continued focus on best practice, all our team receive regular and up to date training on trans healthcare and community needs

Empowering patients

Enabling patients to make informed decisions about their care

Multidisciplinary Approach

Including all the members of the team and collaboratively working to achieve the best patient outcomes

Respect and dignity

Exercising consistent kindness, discretion and compassion for patients


Driving for change to improve patient care

Transgender voice and involvement

Centring the perspective of the trans community in the development of services through community forums and workshops which are led by our patient champions

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