Chelsea Centre for Gender Surgery

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is commissioned by NHS England to provide masculinising lower surgery, masculinising top surgery and lower feminising surgery. Further information on these new services will be published shortly.

Chelsea and Westminster has launched its values to patients and members of the public to demonstrate the standard of care and experience they should expect from our service:

Putting patients first 

Responsive to patients and staff

Open and honest

Unfailingly kind

Determined to develop

Gender surgery
patient information

Getting ready for surgery

The information provided is a general overview of what to expect before your surgery date. Exact information around preoperative appointments and preparations will be provided once a referral has been accepted.

Your surgery day and stay

Resources and information will be provided to help with your arrival at the hospital and your stay with us.

Aftercare following surgery

The information provided is a general overview of what to expect after your surgery. We have a multidisciplinary team who are available to provide tailored aftercare and advice.

Gender surgery options

Content Warning: the content below uses some anatomy/biological terms where it’s important to be precise.

Arriving for your surgery

Watch our video showing your journey through the hospital on your day of surgery.

Watch the video

Advice, support and
referral information

Patients help and advice

Helplines as well as guidance and advice for patients.

Advice for friends, family and carers

Information for visiting patients in hospital and our pledge to you as a carer.

Health professionals, advice and further info

Advice for Primary Care Providers and guidance supporting transgender patients.

Referral criteria and GDNRSS Hub

Advice for referrals to our service and information about the Gender Dysphoria National Referral Support Service (GDNRSS).

Frequently asked questions


Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has been commissioned to provide masculinising surgery for transmasculine and nonbinary patients.

The Trust is proud to be the first NHS hospital site to perform this life-saving operation. We will work closely with NHS England and the Gender Dysphoria National Referral Support Services (GDNRSS) to prioritise those who have been waiting the longest. Our service has been created with the belief that patients should be provided with the care they need in a compassionate and timely manner. As a team, we have worked hard to build our service and are working even harder to continually improve and grow so we are able to offer our services in a timely manner.