Advice and support

    Advice for friends, families and carers

    An admission into hospital can prove to be a life-changing time. In order to support you, we aim to:

    • Help you to find information, support and guidance
    • Work together with you
    • Help you to decide how much you can and want to be involved
    • Help you to learn the things you will need to know and do as a supportive individual
    • Allow you time to make important decisions together
    • Ask the permission of the patient to share information with you

    Advice for healthcare professionals, GPs/Primary care prodivers

    Primary care providers cannot directly refer to our services. If your patient is not being seen by a Gender Dysphoria Clinic How to find an NHS gender dysphoria clinic - NHS ( you will need to refer them to one in order for them to be assessed and referred to our service.

    Additional Links Which May Be Helpful: